Hello from Texas

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Feb 17th, '11, 21:35
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Hello from Texas

by dokpm0 » Feb 17th, '11, 21:35

Fellow Tea Enthusiasts,

I'm Kevin and I'm a relatively new to the world of tea.

How long have you been drinking tea?

I've been drinking tea regularly for about a month or so. I started to explore the world of loose leaf tea a few years ago. At that time I only tried what I could find locally, which was less than spectacular. The only place I found locally that carries loose leaf tea is Don's Humidor. Since tea isn't their main product line, I suspect tea sits on their shelves for quite a while, and they store their teas in glass jars which doesn't help.

Last month while recovering from step throat I ended up drinking lots of tea with honey. The tea was nothing special. It was bag tea acquired at the grocery store - Bigelow green tea followed by Twinings earl grey. But, it inspired me to start exploring the world of loose leaf tea again. This time I decided to give some online vendors a try, and I think I'm hooked.

What was your first Tea?

Due to circumstances beyond my control the first, and only, tea I was exposed to as a kid was Lipton iced tea. I didn't like it then, or now.

What is your favorite Tea currently?

Of the teas I've tried so far my absolute favorite has been Upton Tea's ZH25: China Pu-Erh Standard. It's the only pu-erh I've tried so far.

What is your next purchase?

I placed an order with Upton Tea yesterday for some of their Scottish breakfast blend, a few more pu-erh samples, a 125g pack of one of their pu-erhs for which a sample wasn't available, and a few gunpowder samples.

Where is your favorite spot to brew up?

So far all my tea brewing has happened at home. I'm considering starting to drink more tea and less coffee in the near future. I do most of my coffee drinking at work. I'm still pondering "at work" brewing options.

P.S. I'm terrible at keeping up with online forums. I prefer mailing lists. Does anyone know of any active tea mailing lists?

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Feb 18th, '11, 15:00
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Re: Hello from Texas

by Chip » Feb 18th, '11, 15:00

Greetings and welcome to TeaChat! I am sure that we are all looking forward to seeing you around the forum.

Please share what is in your cup on TeaDay!

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Feb 18th, '11, 16:03
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Re: Hello from Texas

by rabbit » Feb 18th, '11, 16:03

Welcome, I'm sorry you had to drink lipton *consoling pat on the back* ... now that you've discovered real tea your recovery should be short.

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