Salutations from Michigan!

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

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Mar 3rd, '11, 23:34
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Salutations from Michigan!

by mountainhugger » Mar 3rd, '11, 23:34

I've been lurking for a couple weeks now, quite substantially, and thought I'd stop being the wallflower and say hello!

I'm an editor at a university here in Michigan, and I love to hike, rollerblade, and randomly stop to watch birds/trees/clouds/etc. I've been drinking tea from conception, though my mom's favorite was always Lipton. I still enjoyed it quite a bit, all through my teenage years!

Once I moved out of the house I moved to Twinnings and Numi. As the years progressed I started sampling bulk teas from The Tea Spot and Rishi - the most recent being their Pu-Erh Tou Cha of which i adore.

A friend recently showed me his yixing pots and gave me a sample of TYG (which I'm drinking a second infusion of now).

I've been browsing many many many posts here over the last couple weeks, as well as reading as much as I could at HOJO and other sites.

I'm excited to learn more about fine teas and to share some of these experiences with everyone.


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Mar 3rd, '11, 23:42
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Re: Salutations from Michigan!

by Chip » Mar 3rd, '11, 23:42

Welcome Mountainhugger to TeaChat. Enjoy your TeaJourney here and
I am looking forward to seeing you around the forum.

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Mar 4th, '11, 07:57
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Re: Salutations from Michigan!

by Windy_City_TeaCup » Mar 4th, '11, 07:57

Welcome MountainHugger!

I'm fairly new as well and it sure is an interesting group. I'm definitely learning a lot about tea and have a growing list of new teas to try! :)

Look forward to chatting with you!


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Mar 12th, '11, 17:43
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Re: Salutations from Michigan!

by FlyedPiper » Mar 12th, '11, 17:43

Welcome, Mountain.

I'm in Kalamazoo myself.

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Mar 13th, '11, 12:37
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Re: Salutations from Michigan!

by nickE » Mar 13th, '11, 12:37


East Lansing here (MSU). :D

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Mar 27th, '11, 21:53
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Re: Salutations from Michigan!

by mountainhugger » Mar 27th, '11, 21:53


Nice to see some other Michiganders. :)

Mar 31st, '11, 12:21
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Re: Salutations from Michigan!

by mandyjune » Mar 31st, '11, 12:21

Hello there! My name's Mandy and I am from LA! :)

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