Hello everyone!

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

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Mar 10th, '11, 11:41
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Hello everyone!

by chamomileteaguy » Mar 10th, '11, 11:41

Just wanted to quickly say hi to everyone. As you can probably tell by my name I am a giant fan of chamomile tea :D I look forward to chatting with you all!

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Mar 10th, '11, 11:55
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Re: Hello everyone!

by rabbit » Mar 10th, '11, 11:55

I too love chamomile, it has such a soothing scent and relaxing flavor! I often have a cup before bed. Welcome to TC, hope to see you around the board.

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Mar 13th, '11, 13:20
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Re: Hello everyone!

by Chip » Mar 13th, '11, 13:20

chamomileteaguy, welcome to TeaChat. We are hoping to see you around the forum!

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