Greetings from Oregon

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

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Apr 2nd, '11, 16:00
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Greetings from Oregon

by Saladin » Apr 2nd, '11, 16:00

Hi there,

I just stumbled upon this place and see that I could easily be hooked. I'm an occasional underachieving potter (with skills), but a full time ceramics aficionado. I drink more coffee and beer than tea (it's what we do here in Portland) but I do drink tea occasionally (unless you count herbal tea which I drink every night).

I started drinking Turkish black tea in art school as it's what my mother made at home. It is some of the best black tea in the world and not commonly found in the states unfortunately. I'm also a big fan of Jasmine and brown rice tea, and have developed a taste for matcha (I need to justify buying tea ceremony bowls right)?

In college (Mass. College of Art) I fell in love with Momoyama period pots such as Karatsu, Oribe, and of course Shino. Hamada was a huge influence on the way I trimmed pots as well as some of the form language. I also love Song Dynasty pots as they embody some of the best form language ever expressed in clay (to my brain). I was lucky to have seen some wonderful pots in Boston at the MFA, and Sackler and Shimaoka's work at the Pucker Gallery.

Anyway... when I'm not being a pottery nerd I race bikes (cyclocross) and cook, and eat and paint watercolors (I was an illustration major) and raise three egg laying hens :) I look forward to making some friends here, and getting to know you all.


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Apr 3rd, '11, 10:58
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Re: Greetings from Oregon

by Chip » Apr 3rd, '11, 10:58

Hi John, welcome to TeaChat. I am sure we are all looking forward to seeing you around the forum. And seeing your wares!

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Apr 3rd, '11, 12:28
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Re: Greetings from Oregon

by tortoise » Apr 3rd, '11, 12:28

Hello, Saladin of Portland, and welcome to teachat.

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Apr 3rd, '11, 14:28
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Re: Greetings from Oregon

by Saladin » Apr 3rd, '11, 14:28

Chip wrote:Hi John, welcome to TeaChat. I am sure we are all looking forward to seeing you around the forum. And seeing your wares!
Thanks so much for the warm welcome. To answer your question about only making tea wares (Asian styled) I have to say no, as an American I'd have a hard time selling them, and potters need to get rid of the stuff we make or it starts coming out our ears! I mostly seem to make mugs as I have a following for them, and they are always in demand since they are inexpensive and people can always afford them. We use them for tea every day actually so I guess they are in fact tea-wares! In addition to cups I make all sorts of things like ashtrays (for real), covered jars, bottles, vases, butter dishes, sake cups, plates and most especially bowls. Maybe I'll find the motivation to post in the "Tea Artisan space" as I do consider my self an artist.
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