Glasgow Greetings

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Apr 9th, '11, 07:48
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Glasgow Greetings

by YTea » Apr 9th, '11, 07:48

Hello everyone

I am new both to this forum and the world of tea, in fact I've pretty much avoided tea over the years in favour of coffe, although I've always drunk green and jasmine teas on occassion, I suspect my aversion to tea originated from a Polish father who seldom had tea in the house, and had no idea what to do with it when he did, and several years in the army drinking somewhat questionable "brews".

I recently came across pu erh tea on the internet and was intrigued, so obviously had to try it, since then my collection of tea has started to grow, as has my collection of teaware :shock: , admittedly some of it being of somewhat questionable quality, but I'm learning.

I'm becoming very fond of: ripe pu erh, organic milk oolong, black and quality jasmine pearls, I've had mixed feelings with regard to raw pu erh but interestingly have already discovered that a tea which is almost undrinkable when brewed in one pot becomes much more palatable when tried in an alternative; and I have one 2004 raw cake which I find very pleasant.

This board has been of immense assisstance and enjoyment and I'm delighted to have discovered it.


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Apr 9th, '11, 08:35
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Re: Glasgow Greetings

by Chip » Apr 9th, '11, 08:35

Greetings back at you Paul! Welcome to TeaChat. We hope to see you around the forum!

Watch out for the other "Scot" ... :mrgreen: :wink:

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