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Greetings from Northwest Florida\Lower Alabama

by Tamara » Apr 18th, '11, 13:50

Hello Teachatters,

I have not been lurking to long as my final cross over to an offical Tea drinker was just this year as my new years resolution. As a kid my mom gave me tea when i was sick and I have always enjoyed a good glass of unsweet ice tea. However I have never been a big fan of hot beverages. So coffee and tea where never big and soda was my major addiction. Then I changed career fields and I went from a job that had me moving constantly to one that involved me sitting down 90% of the day. I started by changing to diet soda once i was comfortable with that I decided it was time to make the leap from diet soda to tea.

I knew there was varity in tea but I never realized how much till i started looking around. I cant really say I have a favorite tea as i have a favorite in each type of tea. The newest thing I have heard about is Tulsi? I am looking forward to learning more about it.

My only real question at the moment is if you have a general tea question which board would you post it to?


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Re: Greetings from Northwest Florida\Lower Alabama

by Chip » Apr 18th, '11, 14:04

Hi Tamara and welcome to TeaChat! And to tea!!! We are looking forward to seeing you around the TeaChat forums!

For a general tea related question, try Other Tea. :mrgreen:

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