May 8th, '11, 17:19
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Hi, can anyone answer my questions.

by danheling3 » May 8th, '11, 17:19

So, i just started recently to drink tea and i´m clueless about what i should drink, when i should drink it, how i should prepare it, and how much i should drink. I just need instructions, if someone could either tell me some beginner´s info or forward me to another thread, that would be very nice.

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May 8th, '11, 17:51
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Re: Hi, can anyone answer my questions.

by Chip » May 8th, '11, 17:51

Hi Dan,

Welcome to TeaChat. And the world of tea. :mrgreen:

Since you seem a little lost in your TeaJourney, I would suggest perhaps trying some samplers such as the ones from the forums host, Adagio. This will allow you to try a variety of teas at minimum cost.

You can then expand your search from there.

Likes and dislikes are very subjective, you really need to taste some different general types of teas.

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May 8th, '11, 18:07
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Re: Hi, can anyone answer my questions.

by debunix » May 8th, '11, 18:07


What you should drink is tea that you like, perhaps starting with something similar to a tea you have already drunk that got you enjoyed, enough to be interested in learning more about tea.

So....if you can tell us a little more about what tea you've already had, we can steer you towards some threads appropriate for beginners to japanese green teas, white teas, puerh teas, black teas, oolongs, etc.

As for how to brew, there are a number of slightly specialized teawares that are especially good for particular uses, but some generally useful items for most any tea are a glass, porcelain, or glazed gaiwan, or a small glass or porcelain teapot with a strainer built into the spout. These won't carry over flavors from one tea to the next, so are great for everyday use.

A thermometer is exceptionally useful if you're going to work with white teas and green teas especially.

The how to brew then all comes down to what type of tea you like, your preference for weaker or stronger brews, and whether you need a lot of tea at once or have time to drink several smaller batches over time.

But first, give us some idea of what you like, and we can point you on from there. And Chip slipped with a great idea, and a good point: when you're just getting started, you want to be especially cautious about buying more than an ounce or two of any one tea, until you're sure you like it. Also, preferences often change fast at the start of your tea journey, so you don't want to be stuck with a lot of poor-quality tea that seemed good enough at the start.

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