Hi from California

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Jul 16th, '11, 12:59
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Hi from California

by Mozwik » Jul 16th, '11, 12:59

Hi All,

I am a Limey living in Southern California. Being English, I have been drinking mugs of tea from before I remember. It was only a few years ago I decided to really try tea, i.e. not the bagged fine (tea, not quality) offerings from PG Tips and the like.

I am a big fan of black teas and this week my favorites are Assam and some Ten Ren pu-erh cakes but that may change next week, and again the week after....

I am really looking forward to expanding my tea pallet further with the help of this forum. I have just opened some Mt. Ah-Li oolong sent to me from a friend in Taiwan and really enjoy it. To me, the world of oolong seems large and complex but then I know nothing about it.

I look forward to joining in and the suggestions from the knowledgeable folks on this forum.


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Jul 16th, '11, 15:43
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Re: Hi from California

by Chip » Jul 16th, '11, 15:43

Welcome to the forum, Mozwik! Looking forward to seeing you around, and don't forget about the white and the GREEN teas! :mrgreen:

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