Hello from Korea

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Oct 9th, '11, 23:35
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Hello from Korea

by needaTEAcher » Oct 9th, '11, 23:35


My name is Chris, and I live in Seoul, South Korea. I have been drinking tea since I was a child, but I started to learn more and become serious about my passion 3 years ago. I have been leaning more and more towards Pu-Erhs this year, and have purchased my first Zisha piece recently. I found TeaChat while researching clays, and I hope to find much more help on choosing teapot sizes, shapes, and clay types here.

It's nice to meet you!



PS-My Favorite tea is Earl Grey blended with vanilla flavored Assam, which I drink with milk and sugar every morning. My favorite "serious" teas are any Pu-Erhs I can afford, high-altitude Oolongs, and those beautiful Silver Needles (when I can find/afford them).

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Oct 10th, '11, 01:32
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Re: Hello from Korea

by karmaplace » Oct 10th, '11, 01:32

Hi, Chris! Welcome to the forum. Have you had a chance to try out any Korean teas? If you're not into the greens (and yellows and occasional oolong), there are still a lot of different tisanes here to try. :mrgreen: I hope you're enjoying Seoul!

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Oct 11th, '11, 14:20
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Re: Hello from Korea

by teaisme » Oct 11th, '11, 14:20

welcome buddy

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Oct 15th, '11, 02:34
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Re: Hello from Korea

by needaTEAcher » Oct 15th, '11, 02:34

I have had a tisane here and there. This morning I had a crazy strong Asian pear, ginger, and ginseng tisane.

I have only tried the sencha-like tea from Jeju that O'Solluc sells. I am going this weekend to find some ddok cha, yan cha, and maybe something else...

I do like yellows, though I find them hard to come across.

Yay Korea! I love it here! Anyone with good info about Korea hit me up!

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Oct 15th, '11, 03:00
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Re: Hello from Korea

by Chip » Oct 15th, '11, 03:00

Hi Chris, pardon the late welcome! It is great having another member living in Korea.

I quite enjoy Korean greens, and while I do not generally drink herbels, I do enjoy Korean herbals including Hydrangea (forgot the Korean name for it). But really refreshing yet sweet. Or is it sweet, but refreshing? :mrgreen:

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Oct 15th, '11, 03:28
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Re: Hello from Korea

by debunix » Oct 15th, '11, 03:28

Chip wrote:Korean herbals including Hydrangea (forgot the Korean name for it)
Gamro. Mmmmm!

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