Please introduce yourself here to our membership

Nov 15th, '11, 00:45
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by alexa007 » Nov 15th, '11, 00:45

I am Alexa Kelly.
Finally I've found a forum that talks about tea!
I hope to know new things about tea, especially about white and green tea, and the preparation of these.
I usually drink one cup of tea in the morning, and 2 cup of green in the afternoon.

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Nov 15th, '11, 01:20
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Re: Introduction

by iannon » Nov 15th, '11, 01:20

Welcome. I hope you do hang around and learn what you care to learn about. Lots of great tea knowledge around here

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Nov 15th, '11, 02:04
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Re: Introduction

by IPT » Nov 15th, '11, 02:04

Welcome Alexa,

This is a great place to learn about all sorts of tea.

If you cannot find an answer, you can always ask.

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Nov 15th, '11, 17:21
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Re: Introduction

by MIKE_B » Nov 15th, '11, 17:21

I am new here too.
Also learning.

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Nov 16th, '11, 00:21
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Re: Introduction

by Chip » Nov 16th, '11, 00:21

Hello Alexa and welcome to TeaChat. We hope to see you around the forums!

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Nov 26th, '11, 17:48
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Re: Introduction

by Dresden » Nov 26th, '11, 17:48

Welcome to the boards!!!

You'll soon find that the people here are very helpful and have a wealth of knowledge.


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