Hi from Japan

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Dec 13th, '11, 20:05
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Hi from Japan

by Greenteaman » Dec 13th, '11, 20:05

Hi everyone :D

My name is greenteaman.
I live in Shizuoka where located west of Tokyo.

Im drinking Chinese oolong tea eveyday but I dont make myself.
I want to make oolong tea myself ! ! !

Im interested in Chinese oolong teas and thought to see if there were any online stores that carried them.
Anyways, I know very little about teas, so I can get oolong tea's
information from here.

Thankyou for reading :mrgreen:

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Dec 13th, '11, 21:03
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Re: Hi from Japan

by Chip » Dec 13th, '11, 21:03

Welcome to TeaChat. I like seeing members from Japan! :mrgreen: However you like oolong, oh well.

You maybe contact our member IPT, he has an online shop and 2 tearooms in China (he lives there too). I am thinking he could help you get some very good oolong!

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Dec 14th, '11, 21:48
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Re: Hi from Japan

by sencha » Dec 14th, '11, 21:48

Welcome to TeaChat! I have some sencha from Shizouka. 8)

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