Dec 14th, '11, 05:52
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Greetings from a NorCal (soon-to-be) Tea Geek!

by Beaker » Dec 14th, '11, 05:52

Hi everyone,

I've been lurking the site for about a month now gleaning bits of tea wisdom about this and that, and decided that I should make myself known!

A bit of info about me- I'm a scientist by trade (hence the name) who recently moved to SF for work. I first tried tea two years ago when visiting my girlfriend's family in Taiwan. I was so blown away by all the different gao shan oolongs that I was able to try that I changed plans to take a day trip to Ping Lin, and ended up taking home three kilos of tea for family and myself, in addition to a modest Yixing pot. I have since tried to branch out little by little, and tried my first sheng pu'er and longjing a few days ago which has only fueled my enthusiasm even more!

Hope to learn from everyone, and hopefully contribute what I can do this great communitea! (appologies, puns are my weakness) :lol:

Your willing supplicant,

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Dec 14th, '11, 09:45
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Re: Greetings from a NorCal (soon-to-be) Tea Geek!

by Chip » Dec 14th, '11, 09:45

Lots of possibiliteas for pun usage on TC!

Welcome to our forum, Beaker. I am looking forward to seeing you around. :mrgreen:

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