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Jan 20th, '12, 13:44
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by piano » Jan 20th, '12, 13:44


I have been drinking tea my whole life. I am by no means a tea afficionado, though, but there's nothing that can replace a good cup of tea. I don't really know much about tea, and recently learned something probably very basic to most of you: that there are two main types of teas - India teas and China teas. Who knew! It's more just a day-to-day staple drink for me than a hobby or interest like I am sure it is for many of you. Why did I join a tea forum, then, you ask? Well, besides a general interest in learning something new about one of my favourite drinks, the reason I joined is ... over here on my other topic.
>>> http://www.teachat.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=16908
(I can't link it since I have fewer than 10 topics, so use copy/pastse)

I like to drink tea when I wake up, and before I go to bed (it doesn't affect my sleep, happily), when I read a book, while watching a movie or tv, in front of the fire, at the computer, at work (mid-morning, mid-day, mid-afternoon), in the outdoors (from a flask, generally - make sure you get rid of the old, residual tea flavour), on a boat, on a plane, while riding my bicycle (yes it's possible!), with my cat, while playing board games, card games, and word games (and I'm sure other games I've forgotten to mention!), with breakfast, with chocolate, with biscuits, with crackers butter and jam, with a sudoku, in the snow, while playing the piano (in between playing it), while tying flies, painting, or working on my bike, while talking on the telephone, at the top of a hill, or even part-way up, after a jog, after a workout, before going out, after coming back home, with friends, with my mum, not with my dad as he doesn't drink tea, with my grandpa, while watching hockey, or reading about it, but not while playing it (I don't play hockey anyways but I imagine it would be hard to play and drink tea at the same time) ... the list goes on.

Well, good to meet y'all!

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Jan 23rd, '12, 15:59
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Re: Hello!

by teaisme » Jan 23rd, '12, 15:59

Hi welcome to teachat!

good to see you enjoy tea for many occasions :D
piano wrote: that there are two main types of teas - India teas and China teas
Nah :mrgreen:

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Jan 28th, '12, 08:15
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Re: Hello!

by Chip » Jan 28th, '12, 08:15

Welcome to the forum and nice intro [iano.

I am looking forward to seeing you around the forum, share what is in your daily cup with us in TeaDay! :mrgreen:

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