Greetings from Nevada

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Feb 24th, '12, 23:26
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Greetings from Nevada

by Covas » Feb 24th, '12, 23:26

Hi all I'm a newb in the tea world and stumbled on this awesome site. Just bought my first 10 samples from the tea smith and really enjoy several oolongs as well as an organic pu'erh. I'm drinking and brewing in a beehouse pot and cup. I'm traveling to san fransisco and could use some tips on where to by quality tea and teaware whether in the city ( China town etc) or outside it. Thanks for the assist.

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Feb 24th, '12, 23:33
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Re: Greetings from Nevada

by AdamMY » Feb 24th, '12, 23:33

Welcome to the forum.

San Fransico is a good city for tea. I was actually there last summer, and I mangaged to visit two places. In the Ferry building which is a culinary delight, there is Imperial Tea court. But my favorite which is inside China town is Red Blossom Tea, they have incredibly friendly and helpful staff, and are happy to assist you with your choices in tea.

Both of these places have websites

Hopefully this will help you decide.

Feb 25th, '12, 15:21
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Re: Greetings from Nevada

by Covas » Feb 25th, '12, 15:21

Thanks AdamMy next time I'm in the city I'll check them both out.

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Mar 7th, '12, 21:55
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Re: Greetings from Nevada

by Chip » Mar 7th, '12, 21:55

Greetings Covas, humble TeaPologies for the very tardy welcome.

I hope to see more of you around the forum.

... and have a great TeaDay!

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