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Feb 7th, '13, 03:34
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Hello from Melbourne, Australia ;-)

by Maneki Neko » Feb 7th, '13, 03:34

Hi everyone :wink:

I've been following this forum for the last week or so, and thought why not create my own profile.

I too am a tea lover like all of you. The only problem I have with tea is that I'm quite sensitive to caffeine, so my little tea ceremonies are limited to one or two a day. Otherwise I won't sleep at night :roll:

My favourite teas are Indian masala chai and Japanese Gyokuro. Before I discovered Gyokuro I never liked tea without sugar, too astringent and bitter for me. But Gyokuro is just perfect the way it is! :D
Masala chai I make almost every day, with organic spice mixes or by combining whole spices myself, with black tea, palm jaggery and soy or almond milk. (I used to use organic cow's milk, but recently cut back on dairy.)

Besides tea itself, I absolutely love tea ware, and the cultures of the East where tea is drunk most (especially Japan and India). I have a collection of tea ware myself, but it's not nearly as big as some I've seen on this forum. This weekend I'm going to try out my new Tachi Masaki Banko Kyusu for the first time.

So yeah, that was my little introduction :wink: I hope to be a valuable member of TeaChat.


Maneki Neko
(Not my real name of course, but you see I'm a bit shy :oops: )

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Feb 7th, '13, 11:31
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Re: Hello from Melbourne, Australia ;-)

by Chip » Feb 7th, '13, 11:31

Hi Maneki Neko and welcome to TeaChat!

Quite a difference in the two types of teas you mention you like!

I am looking forward to hopefully seeing your Tachi Masaki Banko Kyusu ... be sure to telll us what you brewed in it! :mrgreen:

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Feb 7th, '13, 11:45
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Re: Hello from Melbourne, Australia ;-)

by AdamMY » Feb 7th, '13, 11:45

Welcome Maneki Neko!

Hope to see you around the forum. One or two sessions of tea a day are all you need, heck thats about what I get in most days now, not quite by choice, moreso just by my schedule.

Please show off your wares, and post what you are drinking in the appropriate threads!

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Feb 9th, '13, 00:11
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Re: Hello from Melbourne, Australia ;-)

by Maneki Neko » Feb 9th, '13, 00:11

Thanks guys! :D

Please see some of my wares (including the Banko) in the 'Teaware of the day' topic :wink:

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