Jun 21st, '13, 17:36
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Newly obsessed, looking for problems to solve!

by gingineer » Jun 21st, '13, 17:36

Hello all!

My name is Colin and I'm a recent tea convert. I got myself one of those ingenuitea tea infusers recently and have been trying a bunch of different kinds of loose-leaf teas. Loving it! Anyone know what the thickest form of green tea I can get is? I want the stuff that looks like pond scum that you get at certain restaurants. So tasty.

I'm also interested in solving problems, and moving into any new area makes me want to find out where all the problems are. I design aircraft for a living, and I'm finding that I love to get myself out of my comfort zone and design stuff I would never have thought about.

So, nice to meet you all, and tell me all your problems! Is there anything annoying about making tea? Anything you've thought "man, somebody needs to make this easier/better/simpler" and wish you could tell someone that actually would? I can and will!

Jun 21st, '13, 18:25
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Re: Newly obsessed, looking for problems to solve!

by lordmage » Jun 21st, '13, 18:25

welcome fellow newbie.

i have the teavana version of what you have the only thing i hate doing is cleaning out the leaves. so i was thinking of using a cheese cloth lining or something besides the little strainer at the bottom. big hands and small area dont get along.

if not cloth i wish i could have a slid in large version of the metal strainer so i could simply pull it out dumb clean and replace.

greentea that looks like pond scum must be a matcha of some sort.

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Jun 21st, '13, 22:31
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Re: Newly obsessed, looking for problems to solve!

by edkrueger » Jun 21st, '13, 22:31

Matcha should neither look or taste like pond scum.

Fukamushi on the other hand... :P

But, I think they tea you are referring to is probably konacha. You sound probably be able to find the maeda-en one at a Japanese (or generic Asian) grocer. I if you want to order online, I'd recommend:

https://shop.ippodo-tea.co.jp/kyoto/sho ... cid=bancha

https://shop.ippodo-tea.co.jp/kyoto/sho ... cid=sencha

https://shop.ippodo-tea.co.jp/kyoto/sho ... id=gyokuro

Personally, I'm quite satisfied with the cheapest one.

Edit: Its also one of the easiest teas to make: put leaves in strainer, put strainer in cup, add boiling water, remove strainer.

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