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Jul 31st, '13, 11:33
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by hobnob » Jul 31st, '13, 11:33

Hello & Good Morning & Good Afternoon (that should cover all time zones),

I live in the UK. I'm new to loose leaf tea and just discovering the different types and grades and brewing techniques and and and...

I've been lurking away for quite some time and reading as the threads & posts here are very informative so have learnt a lot - aswell as learning what it is that I don't know.

I have spent about £480 on tea (and a little bit of teaware) over the last 4 months (impulse buying kicks in) so have many dozens of samples to go through - mostly oolongs.

Look forward to learning more from you all :) 8)

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Aug 1st, '13, 04:58
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Re: Hello

by David R. » Aug 1st, '13, 04:58

Hello !

You're lucky to have some really great shops in UK.

Have a nice stay here.

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Aug 1st, '13, 05:48
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Re: Hello

by donaldosborne » Aug 1st, '13, 05:48

Welcome to TeaChat - best Tea Forum in the web.
Now, go and have fun!

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Aug 4th, '13, 02:14
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Re: Hello

by Chip » Aug 4th, '13, 02:14

Glad to have you here on TeaChat. Happy brewing! :mrgreen:

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