Hello...and I have a question

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Oct 24th, '13, 13:55
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Hello...and I have a question

by Noonie » Oct 24th, '13, 13:55

Hi everyone - from Toronto area in Ontario, Canada. Have been drinking loose leaf tea for 2-3 years. My favs are TGY and sencha (in particular, fukamushi, or deep steemed). I enjoyed darjeeling early in my journey, but it couldn't keep me interested. I usually drink sencha in the morning and/or afternoon, and oolong (TGY or wuyi) in the evenings, after dinner. I also drink espresso, usually when I wake up.

I've posted a few times before this intro, but I had a really general question and thought I would put it here, with an official intro:

Can you recommend good online tea 'reading' websites.

I like to read about tea, not overly technical stuff, but something where I can dig in and get more details if needed (e.g., like if I wanted to know more about fukamushi), but also with a variety of topics: particular teas, regions, teaware (yixing, kyusu, hagi, etc.).

I also like to read about tea when I'm preparing and enjoying tea. I'll read articles on teachat, search products in online stores, click links and end up...usually with something that I can 'read', and not just explore by continuing to click away (make sense?).

I would love to have about 10 go-to sites that, together, are packed with lots of information that I can spend countless hours on, without having to go elsewhere too often.


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Oct 24th, '13, 14:15
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Re: Hello...and I have a question

by debunix » Oct 24th, '13, 14:15


Tea is such a large and diverse topic that it's not really possible to be truly comprehensive.

I found a couple of good books on tea to be very helpful general background for further explorations on TeaChat and elsewhere. I read The Story of Tea and the Harney & Sons Guide to Tea but I'm sure there are others out there.

And then for tea sites, many tea merchants have very good information on their sites, but you always have to take it with a grain of salt--reading multiple sites about the same topic is very helpful to gain perspective on what is more generally accepted as true, and what might be a particular person's opinion. Wikipedia's tea articles mostly seem pretty good, although basic, and the chart on different processing techniques resulting in the standard classes of tea is invaluable.

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Oct 24th, '13, 17:21
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Re: Hello...and I have a question

by sherubtse » Oct 24th, '13, 17:21

Nice to have another Torontonian on the forums. :D

Here are 2 good "reading" sites for your consideration:


Both are good, general sites.

I would second debunix's recommendation re the Harney book. It is available through the TPL, in case you are interested.

Best wishes,

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Dec 3rd, '13, 18:35
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Re: Hello...and I have a question

by Chip » Dec 3rd, '13, 18:35

WOW, 26 posts and I am finally getting around to welcoming you to TeaChat!

I am looking forward to sharing your TeaJourney with you here on the Chat!

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