Hello from Virginia!

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

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May 9th, '14, 22:28
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Hello from Virginia!

by djtanng » May 9th, '14, 22:28

Hi, I'm not new to tea, but new to tea as a hobby. I've been drinking green tea for over ten years, but since battling pneumonia last February, I've stepped up my tea knowledge to a whole new level by reading 3 good books about tea (so far) and spending hundreds of dollars on tea stuff. I'm loving the tea world more and more by the day. I'm joining this forum to learn more about tea and assist in helping others learn as well.


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May 11th, '14, 22:30
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Re: Hello from Virginia!

by Chip » May 11th, '14, 22:30

Welcome Tanng!

Sorry for the delay in welcoming you to the forum. Have been busy helping my elderly mother adjust to her move to her new apartment.

I am glad you are here and look forward to seeing you around TeaChat!

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Jul 24th, '14, 21:47
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Re: Hello from Virginia!

by Rooibos » Jul 24th, '14, 21:47

Hi, neighbor!
I am also a Virginian and new to this forum. Like you, I have a very long history as a lover of tea, and have put quite a bit of time and money into researching and advancing my passion for the world's most popular beverage as a hobby. It's very fine to be here among other folks who really appreciate and love tea. :D

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