Hello from the Pacific NW USA!

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Sep 18th 15 9:20 pm
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Hello from the Pacific NW USA!

by Teaist99 » Sep 18th 15 9:20 pm

I have been happily studying/tasting tea for over ten years, and really love sharing teas with small groups, friends, and families.

I really love puerh tea - and am so grateful for Yunnan Sourcing so I can constantly sample quality ones. I also love their black teas, and their crazy selection of wuyi rock oolongs and phoenix mtn dancong teas. They also have this great new site I tried a few teas from called TaiwanSourcing.com ~ those teas were also exceptional.

I also love high quality organic herbal blends like those from www.Metoliustea.com ~ they have a few caffeine free blends like "North" that I am totally in love with. Also when I need a good cuppa Earl Grey, they make my favorite.

There is also a cool USA tea farm called MaunaKeatea.com -- I tried some of their stuff and was really impressed.

But over all I am a huge Yunnan/Taiwan fan for tea as well as tea pottery/wares.

Cheers ~ :)