Hello from Serbia

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Sep 24th 15 12:59 pm
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Hello from Serbia

by TeaSage » Sep 24th 15 12:59 pm

Hi to all of you wonderful tea people all over the world. I come from a country that drinks only coffee. I have been interested in tea for the last 5ish years. Fortunately I found a tea friend in my city, who is very connected to China and farmers there, so I don't have to order from the internet. My main interest is gong fu, pu erh and green teas, but i enjoy fair bit of oolongs, and other teas. I'm a engineering student and I got a schoolarship to study abroad(USA) next year, so maybe I will have a chance to meet some of you on some of the tea festivals. Wish you all the best, hope I didn't bore you. :)

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Sep 24th 15 6:23 pm
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Re: Hello from Serbia

by miig » Sep 24th 15 6:23 pm

Hi, welcome from a country not far from yours, where people don't only drink coffee - some also drink horrid tea :lol: