Hi from Ohio!

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

Oct 26th, '15, 00:26
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Hi from Ohio!

by DarklyDragon » Oct 26th, '15, 00:26

Hi all!

My name is Robyn. I just started drinking tea in place of soda. So far so good on that front, as now any soda I do take a sip of tastes horrible. For years I only drank honey milk tea (bubble tea though minus the bubbles). I do like Japanese breakfast teas though, I sometimes find them at Japanese grocery stores.

Anyways I jumped headfirst into loose leaf teas after doing a bunch of research. I ordered a couple custom blends from BlendBee for my first try. First was a an english breakfast black tea with honey and vanilla, which I now love. Second was english breakfast black tea with lavender and vanilla, not quite my thing.

Currently waiting on a few teas from Dryad Tea to show up, the one I am most looking forward to is a Blueberry tea she had. Also have some on the way from Adagio as well.

Anyways hi!

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Oct 26th, '15, 11:51
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Re: Hi from Ohio!

by BioHorn » Oct 26th, '15, 11:51

Welcome! Nice to have other avid Buckeyes on the tea forum! Please keep us posted.

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Oct 26th, '15, 12:55
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Re: Hi from Ohio!

by kyarazen » Oct 26th, '15, 12:55

ohio gozaimasu....'

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Nov 3rd, '15, 20:12
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Re: Hi from Ohio!

by Frisbeehead » Nov 3rd, '15, 20:12

Another Ohioan huh?

The weather right now is perfect for tea, is it not? Today in NW Ohio it was beautiful.

Welcome to the forums! Don't be frightened by the overwhelming amount of information here. And don't blame us if you decide to be enticed by the hobby of collecting teaware and your bank account starts to drop :wink:

If you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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