hi from the UK

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Mar 3rd 16 12:41 pm
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hi from the UK

by nickdutch » Mar 3rd 16 12:41 pm

hello from England.
I hit 40 and suddenly realised that i didn't have a teapot. So I got one and then realised that I didn't know anything about real tea. i then went a bit crazy and tried a fair few teas, got a temperature control kettle, a basic gong fu set and a digital infra red thermometer.
Did it make me happy?
Out of my limited repertoires so far, i tend to prefer whites, peony is my favourite and I enjoy brewing about the 75 - 85 degrees C range.

I also have a nice set of yixing clay teapots too :) Nice for my pu-ers


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Mar 3rd 16 1:45 pm
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Re: hi from the UK

by Rui » Mar 3rd 16 1:45 pm

Hi Nick,

Welcome to the forum.

There are some of us living in UK around here.

Have fun.