Hello from Greece

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Mar 6th, '17, 09:38
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Hello from Greece

by PanosAnagno » Mar 6th, '17, 09:38

Hello everyone,

I'm Panos and I'm very excited to join this forum trying to learn more about tea.
I've been drinking tea for about 10 years, mainly Taiwanese oolongs and only recently decided to explore other regions and types.

I am particularly interested to explore Wuyi oolongs and Darjeelings oolongs or whites ( or whatever you prefer to call moonlight teas!)
Also I am afraid I'm starting to get really into yixings and find it hard not to go down this rabbit hole. Currently trying to figure out what clay enhances Taiwanese blacks ( and keeps their amazing aromas)

Happy drinking everyone!

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Mar 6th, '17, 10:51
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Re: Hello from Greece

by victoria3 » Mar 6th, '17, 10:51

Welcome to the forum Panos. Lots of oolong drinkers here. For heavy roasted oolongs I find Hokujo's Yakishime pieces perform really well enhancing aroma nicely, also reduction fired clays (darker) do well, as does Zisha. Yixing is a fun rabbit hole to go into :D

Mar 6th, '17, 11:27
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Re: Hello from Greece

by PanosAnagno » Mar 6th, '17, 11:27

Hello! It's nice to meet fellow oolong lovers as I usually drink alone here. Thanks for the tip. I had never considered Japanese teaware. Very interesting especially as I tend to drink more roasted teas lately. I started with high mountain but a good roast adds more layers or complexity I find. I'll make sure to check the pots. Cheers!

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