Saying "hi" to teachat!

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

Mar 23rd, '17, 19:03
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Saying "hi" to teachat!

by OldWaysTea » Mar 23rd, '17, 19:03

Hello teachat!

I love Wuyi oolong and black teas, such as rou gui, huang guan yin, and zheng shan xiao zhong. Just want to say hi and break the ice with a first post.

Mar 23rd, '17, 19:55
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Re: Saying "hi" to teachat!

by steanze » Mar 23rd, '17, 19:55

Hi! Welcome to teachat!!

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Mar 24th, '17, 14:14
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Re: Saying "hi" to teachat!

by William » Mar 24th, '17, 14:14

Hello dear, welcome! :D

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Mar 24th, '17, 14:49
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Re: Saying "hi" to teachat!

by cwj » Mar 24th, '17, 14:49

Hello and welcome!
Enjoy the forum, lots of friendly folks here :)

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