Hi! Im Alex...

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

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Apr 19th, '17, 05:56
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Hi! Im Alex...

by alex.grossmann » Apr 19th, '17, 05:56

Heya guys! Wanted to introduce myself:

Im currently an econ student and have recently started blogging about tea and have just found this amazing forum here. :)

How long have you been drinking tea?
Basically since I can think. I was born in Ukraine, where tea culture is pretty much everywhere. But for around 2 years now I got "more serious" into loose leaf teas and have been experimenting with different styles of brewing.

What was your first Tea?
Dont know for sure but it could very well have been a blend, often referred to as "russian caravan" that is very popular in the east.

What is your favorite Tea currently?
I'm super crazy abput Rock Oolongs right now. That nuttyness is I-N-S-A-N-E!

What is your next purchase?
Probably a darker Oolong that I havent tried yet, have not decided yet, any ideas?

Where is your favorite spot to brew up?
At home on my desk. :)


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Apr 19th, '17, 06:06
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Re: Hi! Im Alex...

by William » Apr 19th, '17, 06:06

Welcome Alex! :D

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Apr 19th, '17, 08:18
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Re: Hi! Im Alex...

by Mrs. Chip » Apr 19th, '17, 08:18

Welcome to TeaChat Alex, enjoy your journey here 8)

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Apr 19th, '17, 11:03
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Re: Hi! Im Alex...

by Steve@Adagio » Apr 19th, '17, 11:03

Welcome to TeaChat, Alex!

You should definitely check out the Oolong section of TeaChat, since you're an Oolong lover! It's one of the most active sections of the forum.


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