Join me in Bangkok!

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Apr 24th, '17, 13:01
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Join me in Bangkok!

by phillipdrinkstea » Apr 24th, '17, 13:01

Hello everyone!

My name is Phillip, I come from the USA, but now I live and study in Bangkok.

Before I was living in China and then Taiwan. It was during these times that I fell in love with tea. I went on a few tea tours, visited tea shops, and every time I visited a Chinese family we would drink tea.

Then, another strong impression in my life on the wonderful benefits of tea, was when Timothy Ferriss posted about his "Titanium Tea". Since then I've been drinking pu-erh/green tea habitually.

Even now, I am using a habit tracker app to help ensure I'm having my daily morning cup of tea. :)
I still mostly brew and drink the Western way but I do love my Yixing clay pot from China

If you're in Bangkok I'd love to meet up!

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Apr 24th, '17, 15:05
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Re: Join me in Bangkok!

by victoria3 » Apr 24th, '17, 15:05

Welcome to teachat Phillip, I think there are a few other members in Bangkok. Which habit tracker app do you use? I use Evernote for tasting notes and most of my teaware files as well. Cheers

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Apr 24th, '17, 15:18
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Re: Join me in Bangkok!

by William » Apr 24th, '17, 15:18

Welcome Phillip!

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