Just introducing...

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Apr 24th 17 10:40 pm
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Just introducing...

by Ofek Nagar » Apr 24th 17 10:40 pm

Hi there, my name is Ofek, and I am a new member in this forum..

I found out about Chinese tea 2 years ago..
Last year I bought some greens (plus a beginner's tea set) from Dragon Tea House - which turned out to be of VERY low quality... I was very disappointed, and I haven't had any other tea since then.....

I got interested in Chinese Tea not because of its taste - but because of the gongfu tea ceremony.

(Generally I'm into tea mostly because of the ceremonial aspect of it.. The idea of having a break from your life and concentrate on tea-making, also the symbolism and philosophy of tea, and of course the great history...)

So after trying those greens I started thinking that perhaps "real chinese tea" doesn't taste so great.... (I was always a tea person (vs coffee) but only teabags loaded with sugar..)
so I went back to reading about tea, watching videos...

I'm an autodidact, so I taught myself about tea.... I'm one of these people who really "get their homework done", and I had 2 years to do my homework, so it's fair to say that I learned A LOT about tea - a big part of it from here! I am sure I have quite a lot to learn though. But I learned all the basics from the internet.. I got VERY passionate about tea.

BUT I have NO experience. all I know about tea is from the internet... I haven't even tried a REAL high quality oolong yet!

Only RECENTLY I found out that the teas I bought were of a very low quality - so I decided to give Chinese Tea another chance and ordered some decent Oolongs from Yunnan Sourcing...
Hopefully I will be able to taste the quality and I'll continue my journey in the tea world...

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Apr 25th 17 10:10 am
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Re: Just introducing...

by William » Apr 25th 17 10:10 am

Welcome to this forum, Ofek! :D