Hello from Colorado!

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May 3rd 17 4:15 pm
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Hello from Colorado!

by SuperTonic » May 3rd 17 4:15 pm

Hello everyone!

I’m SuperTonic, a high schooler in Colorado and a loose-leaf tea newbie. I’ve always liked satchel teas (especially black teas) but I didn’t know about the vast world of loose leaf teas until I was introduced to gongfu tea ceremony about a month ago. I’m looking forwards to learning lots about the histories and qualities of tea and tea ware and will therefore apologize in advance for all of the newbie questions I’ll ask in the future :P .

How long have you been drinking tea?
I’ve been drinking satchel teas since I was pretty little – my mom would buy herbal teas from the supermarket whenever I’d get sick, so I got hooked on tea that way.

What was your first tea?
I can’t remember exactly, but I do know that I loved the Traditional Medicines’ Throat Coat tea so much that I’d drink it regardless of whether or not I was actually sick!

What is your favorite tea currently?
I really like Music City Teas’ Chinese Breakfast tea, although I still tend to over brew it a bit.

What is your next purchase?
Tea-wise I’m hoping to buy some small quantities of teas (samplers, etc.) to get a better idea of my likes and dislikes. I’m also hoping to get into Pu-erh, so I’ll probably get some cakes of that when I have a bit more to spend.

What is your favorite spot to brew up?
I typically like to make tea at my kitchen table in the morning. My sister keeps a small indoor garden right next to the table and there are large windows that let in sunlight, so it’s quite a nice atmosphere.

I look forward to learning lots about tea!

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May 3rd 17 5:06 pm
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Re: Hello from Colorado!

by William » May 3rd 17 5:06 pm

Welcome to this forum SuperTonic!

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May 5th 17 6:48 pm
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Re: Hello from Colorado!

by Emily@Adagio » May 5th 17 6:48 pm

Welcome to TeaChat, SuperTonic! :D