Hello from Helsinki!

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Aug 4th 17 10:32 am
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Hello from Helsinki!

by Jari T » Aug 4th 17 10:32 am

Hey all!

I’m a long time lurker from Finland now finally posting. It only took four years after signing up. The new rug here really ties the room together, btw.

I’ve been drinking tea since I was a kid. Often felt like a bit of anomaly in a country of coffee drinkers. First couple of decades it was your typical bagged tea from the grocery stores, then the next two decades or so I mostly drank loose leaf found from Asian markets and some local tea shops.

Around six years ago I found an unused set of two gaiwans from a thrift store, bought them and decided to take a closer look into the world of tea. I ordered an oolong heavy sample pack from a UK teamonger and quickly saw the difference in quality. Also burned my fingers a lot. TeaChat was probably the first online resource I perused. Many thanks for all the useful advice! I’m also fairly active on /r/tea on reddit.

I seem to like like Chinese teas the most, but have enjoyed teas from other regions, as well. Never learned to like flavoured teas much. I typically start my day with a couple of smallish pots of dianhong brewed in the Western way, and then mostly gongfu the rest of the day. I’m un(der)employed which means I don’t have too much funds to spend on tea, but then I do have a lot of time to drink it.

I hope to be more active in the future!

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Aug 4th 17 10:45 am
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Re: Hello from Helsinki!

by Rui » Aug 4th 17 10:45 am

Welcome to Teachat.

Pull up a stump, sit down and enjoy the tea journey. :D

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Aug 4th 17 11:04 am
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Re: Hello from Helsinki!

by William » Aug 4th 17 11:04 am


Aug 4th 17 5:10 pm
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Re: Hello from Helsinki!

by Aya » Aug 4th 17 5:10 pm

Welcome, Jari!
Nice gongfu session takes time, so it's great you have time to enjoy tea :) I'm sometimes surprised to notice that I spent more than 1 hour enjoying tea while reading books.