Black Teas

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Aug 31st 17 3:01 am
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Black Teas

by jazzdad7 » Aug 31st 17 3:01 am

Good day Teachatters. My name is Jazzdad7, and I became a member as of August 30, 2017. I have been looking around for a few days and decided to steppe in. What got me intersted are the post regarding Electric Variable Temperature Kettles.

The few that I am considering are; Cuisnart Perfect Temp PK-17, Bonavita, and Bosch TWK86316. Not sure if the Bosch is in the USA.

My post for today is inquiring about a Good vendor for Black Teas(Loose Leaf). I have been drinking tea for centuries now, and I still feel like a Novice. I noticed that most of the chats on the board is more on Green teas, and not much on the Black(Red).

Thank you for any and all input.....

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Sep 10th 17 10:25 am
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Re: Black Teas

by Psyck » Sep 10th 17 10:25 am

Some Indian shops for Black Tea:

You can get Taiwanese black tea from shops like:

and Chinese Black Tea from shops like, well just about any vendor selling Chinese teas.