Hello from Germany

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Sep 6th 17 9:49 pm
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Hello from Germany

by ningning @teabento » Sep 6th 17 9:49 pm

I'm Ning-Ning, grown up in Peking, have been living in Germany for a long time. Life in Germany has changed me a lot, my behavior, my way of thinking, my habits ... My attitude to tea. In China tea was always a daily drink for me. Only in Germany, where good tea is not so easy to find, I have learned to appreciate tea and regard it as a treat.

Recently, together with my husband, we realized our longtime dream - we started an small tea business, called teabento.
We don't have a huge product range, but only carefully selected high quality loose leaf tea of different origins. Our goal is very simple: to share teas we love with other tea drinkers.

I drink only unflavoured loose leaf tea, prefer Grandpa Style if possible. My list of favorite teas is endless, but I would say Longjing, Lishan oolong, Tie Guan Yin, Wuyi Yancha and Matcha are curently on the top of the list.

I'm pleased to be part of this tea community and look forward to connecting with tea lovers from around the world.

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Sep 8th 17 4:43 pm
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Re: Hello from Germany

by victoria3 » Sep 8th 17 4:43 pm

Hi Ning-Ning welcome to our tea obsessed group with years of information and exchange. A great international community here.

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Sep 8th 17 6:02 pm
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Re: Hello from Germany

by LAC » Sep 8th 17 6:02 pm

Hol Ning-Ning
this is your web: https://teabento.com/en/
Lluis Abad