Yingge Mule, a big Global Tea Hut fan

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Jul 1st 18 9:54 pm
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Yingge Mule, a big Global Tea Hut fan

by yinggemule » Jul 1st 18 9:54 pm

Hi! My name is Mike Baas. I just started Yingge Mule, a tea company whose mission is to bring back all the great stuff from places of Tea spirit (especially Yingge, Taiwan) for tea lovers to enjoy. I am a big fan of the Global Tea Hut and get a lot of inspiration from its pages - I hope to source a lot of the great treasures they describe in the magazine over time. My plan for Yingge Mule is to have a big "wish list" of different teas and teaware that I can help people acquire, if I don't already have it in stock. I look forward to participating in this fine community and encourage you all to subscribe to Global Tea Hut if you haven't already. I know GTH just converted nearly their entire catalog of past issue to HTML, so check that out, too.

Raising a bowl to you all!