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Jul 31st 18 5:09 am
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by premiumtea » Jul 31st 18 5:09 am

Great to know there are lot of tea lovers gather here and share everything about teas. I an Japanese tea drinker and tried almost all kind of Japanese teas. Glad to be one of this forum.

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Jul 31st 18 8:15 pm
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Re: Hello

by AndrewGC » Jul 31st 18 8:15 pm

Hey there! Thanks for joining us!

Let me know if you ever have any questions! Cheers!

Aug 1st 18 1:39 am
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Hello! And, how do you drink Sencha?

by Denmano » Aug 1st 18 1:39 am

Hello Everyone! This is an interesting site and I've learned quite a lot here! I'm getting into Japanese teas (mostly senchas) now since I lived there way back in 1979 for a summer. I've been using a kyusu that was given to me back then. It's porcelain and about 250cc but I want to get a clay Banko pot. I always brew for just me, but I've been reading many comments that smaller kyusus are better for one person and that I should be looking for something closer to 150cc. Some say it will save tea over the long haul as well. I hate to admit, but I've been drinking my tea out of an 250 ml coffee mug! So, I brew 250 ml and fill my cup and then do a double and sometime triple steep of the same amount. Are most of you drinking out of little traditional cups without handles and that's why the small kyusus work better for you? I guess I like the larger volume but maybe I need to "savor" the tea more by sipping out of small cups. What are your thoughts on this? And, if you have any specific kyusu recommendations, I'd love to hear about them! One of the pots I have my eye on is this one:

http://www.yuuki-cha.com/teaware/japane ... &order=ASC

Thanks so much for your help!

Sep 18th 18 6:33 pm
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Re: Hello

by Ayinke » Sep 18th 18 6:33 pm

Hello every one i am from Lagos Nigeria. Glad i am here. I am a farmer and i produce teas.