Dan the Tea Man

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Dec 15th 18 10:03 pm
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Dan the Tea Man

by TeaManDan » Dec 15th 18 10:03 pm

Hello folks and free spirits!

I am Dan. 35yo horticulturalist and hobby gardener.

I drank coffe since I was young and often dabbled in the tea bag / tea dust realm of teas and tissanes. They weren't bad, early on liked chai and flavored teas. I would over heat my water and brew the bags for too long then and found black tea thusly bitter.

Recently I have almost stopped drinking coffee and have begun to dabble in whole leaf tea steeping.

I use a simple two mugs and a sifter (strain out the leaves) brew set up. Just got a metal tea enclosure.

Very much enjoying Dragonwell green tea, some premium black teas from Vahdam and trying just about as many varieties as I can procure.

Currently prefer my teas warm to hot with ~1 teaspoon raw honey.

Thanks for sipping along!

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Apr 4th 19 5:23 pm
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Re: Dan the Tea Man

by AndrewGC » Apr 4th 19 5:23 pm

Hey TeaManDan! Happy to have you!
TeaManDan wrote: Hello folks and free spirits!