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Jan 11th 19 4:59 am
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by joetea » Jan 11th 19 4:59 am

I'm very to new to tea and just decided to see if there was a forum for tea. I've always had pretty good luck using forums to learn about new things. When I say new, I mean brand new. I've drank sweet tea all my life, but never drank hot tea until just a few days ago. I got a set of different flavors of loose leaf tea with an infuser at a Christmas party and gave it a try. I just placed an order for some new flavors and decided to see where some more experienced drinkers get their stuff from. I'd appreciate any guidance anyone offers as to techniques or vendors.

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Apr 3rd 19 9:05 pm
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Re: Hello

by AndrewGC » Apr 3rd 19 9:05 pm

Hey joetea! Welcome to our little communiTEA! Glad to have you! I'm the Adagio Teas guru, so you can hit me up for any questions about Adagio or here! Whats been your favorite you've tried so far?