Southern Tea-holic

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Jan 11th 19 6:59 pm
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Southern Tea-holic

by buurenaar » Jan 11th 19 6:59 pm

My name is Amber, and I'm a sweet tea addict. (I have to be, or they'd kick me out of both Carolinas.) My preferences for hot tea are green and/or fruity teas.

I have a fondness for geeky/novelty tea utensils, accessories, and services. My mother wanted me to be a proper Southern lady with the china and the dainty tea service (nothing wrong with that; don't get me wrong), but I like metal and glass and anything that looks at home in Frankenstein's lab or in a 1950s retrofuturistic pulp sci-fi novel. :lol:

So, thank you for having this community, and expect some really random questions about tea kettles/strainers/etc.