Nordic teaholic says Hello!

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Mar 13th 19 1:13 am
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Nordic teaholic says Hello!

by Väinämöinen » Mar 13th 19 1:13 am

Hi everybody from Finland!

First of all, thank you for this great forum! It has been big help and source of information for me. I recently got interested in tea when I decided to cut down coffee consumption and started learning about this world mainly through this forum and Mei Leaf videos in youtube. I was first like "yeah maybe I buy few green teas to my kitchen" and few weeks later from that point Im waiting for 5 different orders from UK, China and Japan. :lol: Gongfu stuff.. Pu'ers.. Japanese teas.. :roll:

I already bought gaiwan, but it had cracks inside, got refund, and placed order on new porcelain one.. It will be my first teaware. Can't wait! I figured out its best one to start with if the idea is to try different types of teas.

Cya in the forum and posts!