From the Netherlands

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Apr 29th 19 8:03 pm
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From the Netherlands

by PieterW » Apr 29th 19 8:03 pm

Good evening to all the tea lovers. As told, I 'am from the Netherlands, I like green tea and Yixing teapots. The teapot culture has taken my attention a couple of years ago and I like it! The history is most interesting and for me especially the influence of the tea and teapot culture in the Netherlands. I read a message on this site according to catalogs of 'Ihsing violet-sand earthenware'. My question is, are they hard to find? Best regards, Pieter.

May 2nd 19 3:19 am
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Re: From the Netherlands

by machastudio » May 2nd 19 3:19 am

Hello Pieter. Welcome to the community.