Hello from Hong Kong

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Jul 21st 19 4:48 am
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Hello from Hong Kong

by Spanky » Jul 21st 19 4:48 am

Hi every1

Ive lived in HK for the last 5 years or so but Im originally from Detroit.
I started off on Liptons brewed builders style but then I discovered that there are beter teas like Adagio Tea! I miss Adagio now that Im here but the good news is theres more tea here than I can shake a stick at lOL :lol:[/quote]

I look forward to chatting with you all![/b] Thanks every1 :mrgreen:

Spanky Jones

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Jul 22nd 19 7:47 pm
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Re: Hello from Hong Kong

by AndrewGC » Jul 22nd 19 7:47 pm

Hi Spanky! Welcome to our CommuniTEA. Happy to have you! Looking forward to hearing what wonderful teas you have discovered there! Cheers!
Spanky wrote: Hi every1

Jul 23rd 19 6:27 am
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Re: Hello from Hong Kong

by Fisheyes » Jul 23rd 19 6:27 am

Hello Spanky!

Welcome at Teachat! You´re pretty close to some of the best sources of tea and teaware, I envy you. Enjoy Hongkong and have a look at the flagstaff museum and its incredible tea ware.

Best regards, :)
Fisheyes, Germany