Just out of curiosity....

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

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Jul 5th 07 3:09 pm
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by xine » Jul 5th 07 3:09 pm

rabbit wrote:I listen to a large array of genres, but my favorites are Indie(pop, folk and rock) and Folk. My favorite bands are:

Iron & Wine (my all time favorite band),
Silversun Pickups,
Belle & Sebastian,
The Sundays,
Manu Chao,
Minus the Bear,
The Unicorns,
The Beautiful Girls,
Of Montreal,
Pedro the Lion,
Ray LaMontagne,
Say Hi to you Mom,

and many, MANY more!
Rabbit, we should have a mix-tape party! hehe. Have you listened to Of Montreal's latest? I have it, and haven't given it a good listen yet. And mewithoutyou- is that a hardcore band? I've given up trying to look up new music, in my old a :wink: so yeah. It sounded familiar.

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Sep 4th 07 5:44 am
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by Wesli » Sep 4th 07 5:44 am

I was hoping I'd find a thread like this.
I am one with the Electronica. From near-ambient, to the most block-rocking techno-rave bass-pumping songs, electronica is where I lay.

Artists and favorite songs:

Massive Attack
-Dissolved Girl
-every other song by 'em

-Dead To The World
-Circuit Breaker

-Lush(Remix of Orbital)
-King of Snake
-Born Slippy

-Halcyon on and on
-Little Fluffy Clouds

Benny Benassi
-California Dreams

plus random adrenal-stimulating techno
(yeah, thats keeping the list REAL short)

To my old Hip-Hop roots:
Jedi Mind Tricks
-On The Eve Of War
-The Deer Hunter

Immortal Technique
-Harlem Streets
-Caught in A Hustle
-Leaving the Past

Pigeon John
-Sealed Fate
-Nothing Without You

Brotha Lynch Hung
-Welcome to Your Own Death
-X-Raided From Prison

-Black market

Phew, that may seem like a lot, bit it is just the beginning.
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Sep 4th 07 7:39 pm
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Re: Just out of curiosity....

by Mocha Wheels » Sep 4th 07 7:39 pm

tomasini wrote:What kind of music do my fellow tea drinkers lay upon their ears?? :lol:
any type of Christian music... a lot of people think Christian music is limited to gospel, worship, and hymns- but Christian music comes in all styles- from country, to metal, to pop. :lol:

Sep 5th 07 6:21 am
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by Bocaburgler » Sep 5th 07 6:21 am

Hmm, i listen to alot of space cadet music. big fan of the following artists:

Brian eno
Elvis costello
Jorge be
caetano veloso
Miles davis
albert ayer trio
My bloody valentine
the bats


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Sep 5th 07 3:30 pm
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by aqueoustransmegan » Sep 5th 07 3:30 pm

I listen to mostly metal and rock-either hard or alternative...I try to stay out of the pop-rock mishmash though. My favorite group is [duh] Incubus but i'm also very very fond of Switchfoot [do not judge them on their 'hits' that album was shitacular but they can do much better...and have], Modest Mouse, Amercian Hifi, Linkin Park, Audioslave, RHCP, and I admit I really like Fuel and I'm kinda skeptical as to whether or not I will ever get over all the Scallions scandal.

I wasn't allowed to listen to anything but classical music growing up so my tastes are unabshedly more modern than they probably would be had I been allowed to buy albums as a teenager. I've tried to educate myself about earlier bands but I'm kinda stick in the late 90s-early 00's. I dunno...metal and rock are just kinda sucking it up lately with the new artists. here and there I find a song or band I think is okay but I'm kinda sticking to my ole faithfuls.

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Sep 6th 07 8:19 pm
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by tomasini » Sep 6th 07 8:19 pm

if you wanna hear good metal check out opeth...good prog... :shock:

Sep 6th 07 8:49 pm
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by Scarlet Glow » Sep 6th 07 8:49 pm

I listen to a wide range of music but I always come back to punk and metal:

Green Day, Metallica (old school), Dope, System of a Down, Linkin Park, The Offspring, Buckcherry, 10 Years, Evans Blue, Evanescence, Avenge Sevenfold, Papa Roach, Life House, Nickelback, Mudvayne, Puddle of Mudd, Seether, Korn, and my favorite band, Disturbed

Is this type of music style anyone else's cup of tea? :wink:

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Sep 6th 07 11:25 pm
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by aqueoustransmegan » Sep 6th 07 11:25 pm

tomasini wrote:if you wanna hear good metal check out opeth...good prog... :shock:
that group [and many others] will forever be tainted by a dude I dated. I suppose he is a good guitarist...but that is about his only +.