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Aug 13th, '07, 00:44
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Contact: Jomana

by Jomana » Aug 13th, '07, 00:44

I speak Arabic and English

I know some words in Franch, Korean and German

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Aug 13th, '07, 02:44
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by Tony » Aug 13th, '07, 02:44

Hmm... I speak Dutch and French, and then there's a bit of English and German as well. I used to be able to read Latin, but 12 years of ignoring that skill now has me going "uh?" when I see it again.

I would love to learn Japanese, but there's no real point in doing so. (Don't need it for work, don't know any Japanese people, and I never go there. But it just sounds. so. cool.)

Aug 15th, '07, 14:17
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by Michael_C » Aug 15th, '07, 14:17

I passed by JLPT 3 on a dare, so now I'm able to work for a Japanese company - or understand Yuki completely when she yells at me - heh, heh...

I tried learning german but germans always talk to me in english! It's tough to practice when they say "English will be easier"!

I made it trhough the Pimsleur program on Indonesian and did half a Tuttle set, but I have nobody to practice with.

Back to english and Japanese...

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