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Aug 19th, '07, 17:47
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by scruffmcgruff » Aug 19th, '07, 17:47

I'll be a senior at Vanderbilt in a couple weeks. I'm studying neuroscience, which is a lot easier than most people think, and religious studies. Most people from my high school call me an idiot because I decided to leave California to go to school in Tennessee. :)

Aug 19th, '07, 18:35
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by Scarlet Glow » Aug 19th, '07, 18:35

I would have to say that I agree with your friends from high school. ha ha. I would love to live in Cali. However, that is coming from someone born and raised in Indiana... a place where the most excitement is running through corn fields. And if you lucky enough... 4-wheeling through corn fields! Woot! Good times! :lol:

Tennessee is another great place. Lucky you! :wink: Ahh, warm weather... must be nice! Heh heh. Neuroscience... interesting stuff. I'm not exactly sure how hard it is but you probably get the same look from people as I do when I tell them I'm a female with an Electrical Engineering degree. Oh wait, there is an emote for that --> :shock:

You and your luck. Senior, eh? Is this your last year or does your degree require more than 4 years? I would technically be considered a senior because this is my 4th year in college, but I have a new major so now I'm a sohpmore in marketing. :( Only 24 credits transfered from my ECET degree to my marketing degree so I will be in college for a total of 6 years. le sigh.

Hey, nothin' but a party, right? :wink:

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Aug 19th, '07, 20:00
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by Mary R » Aug 19th, '07, 20:00

I've never been 4-Wheeling through cornfields, but I did throw dynamite in a pond. Dang bluegill had it comin'.

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Aug 22nd, '07, 17:25
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by aqueoustransmegan » Aug 22nd, '07, 17:25

there is always time for a cup of tea :) I'm so thankful I can start my day with a lil pot [most mornings]

Aug 22nd, '07, 19:33
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by Mocha Wheels » Aug 22nd, '07, 19:33

welcome scarlet! i just found this website today and am also a new tea drinker (but not just as of today lol). i've been drinking tea for years actually, but it was limited to only the occasional sweetened iced black tea. i'd never liked hot tea (or black coffee or hot chocolate made with water) i think because of the watery texture... but since i've started brewing loose leaf, i've found that i also like it hot and luke warm. i started drinking tea to help me loose weight as well as decrease my acne and pain caused by scoliosis and kyphosis. i drink oolong tea because it can be infused 8 times so it's the most economical for me as loose leave tea is expensive. i combine it with white peppermint tea to make a light, minty blend. i drink 8 6oz cups daily and also i frequently have a cup of dessert tea such as a chocolate or caramel oolong tea instead of eating dessert.

Aug 22nd, '07, 21:15
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by Scarlet Glow » Aug 22nd, '07, 21:15

I have not made my way through my tea sample box into oolong yet. Heh heh... with school starting my schedule is all messed up and I'm trying to get used to it... so tea has been a lack there of for me at the moment. I have been taking that Lipton green tea with citrus with me to work and school but that stuff has so many sugars, carbs, and calories... it's just as bad as a soda. Plus, it is over powered by the cirtus flavor... heck, the FOURTH ingredient is green tea... the third is citric acid, second is high frutose corn syrup... gross! :(

Anyways, my objective this weekend is to find a way to brew and bottle GOOD, HOMEMADE tea so I can take it with me on the go (because I'm out of my house from 8am to 9pm everyday). I am thinking about investing in a guiwan, also. I have a cute teapot but it takes so long to clean out the loose leaves when I'm done steeping. I'm hearing more and more great things about guiwans and how fast and easy they are to use... they might have me sold. :wink:

Nice to meet you, Mocha Wheels and aqueoustransmegan! :D

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Aug 23rd, '07, 08:01
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by aqueoustransmegan » Aug 23rd, '07, 08:01

Scarlet Glow wrote:Anyways, my objective this weekend is to find a way to brew and bottle GOOD, HOMEMADE tea so I can take it with me on the go (because I'm out of my house from 8am to 9pm everyday).
Although i am 100% convinced a gaiwan will make you a more authentic cup of tea and I don't dare bust on the quality of that...however...if you're trying to brew multi ounces nalgene bottle style I really must reccomend the ingenuitea. I have the biggun and the wee one. I would sat the big one is the better investment because you can make 8oz of tea in it or 32 oz. I usually make some iced tea every other day or so and throw it in nalgenes in the fridge for my iced tea. It's also right there ready in case I need to leave the house [booooo] I can have my tea with me :) I haven't started getting the caffiene twitch yet again but i do get withdrawls...

Don't get the set that comes with that pitcher though....mine cracked within a month and I'm semi convinced it was just from having the weight of the ingenuitea on it while steeping because it cracked right at the top :P doooo!

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Aug 23rd, '07, 09:27
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by LavenderPekoe » Aug 23rd, '07, 09:27

I also do the Nalgene method for Iced tea. I use my small ingenuiTea and a 32 Nalgene bottle filled with ice from the soda machine in the cafe at work. Then I just stick the ingenuiTea on top. Perfect.

Aug 29th, '07, 10:02
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by Scarlet Glow » Aug 29th, '07, 10:02

Hey hey... again.

-cries- tea has been a lack there of for me lately. School and work has kept me so busy that I haven't even been able to bottle tea at night to take with me the next day. It has been really hard for me to even do it the night before because it is difficult for me to find something to put the tea in. :(

However, help has arrived! I just received my IngenuiTea, pitcher, and loads of tea samples yesterday! Woot woot! I bought a 12 oz. travel mug that should be arriving today so I can make tea, have it waiting for me in the pitcher, pour it in the travel mug and go! Can I get another woot woot?! :D

Ha ha... I'm excited, even though I have to wait until this weekend to figure out a routine and the best/fastest way for me to make it. Good times! :wink:

Thanks Adagio! :)

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