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Dec 3rd, '07, 08:19
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Tea Lover from NY, New to Forum

by joelbct » Dec 3rd, '07, 08:19


Cool looking forum, it is rare to meet discriminating tea drinkers here in the states!

I am 24, started drinking tea daily about 4 years ago, strangely enough, when I had broken my foot and read in my grandfather's retirement magazine that tea could help heal broken bones!

Progressed from supermarket bagged tea to loose leaf, and by then I had started developing a taste for the stuff... Eventually, found a high-end shop in New Haven, CT, and started drinking actual quality india and china black tea, and white.... And being precise about brewing times and temperature...

Moved back to NYC suburbs a year ago, and started looking for the best supplier in the city... My favorite is Ito En's high-end retail branch, which has some stellar tea, and of course introduced me to quality Japanese Green which I now love- And also sold me on their Keemun Spring Dawn, which is like $40 an ounce, but worth it- I love their Chiran Kanayamidori from Kagoshima as far as the Sencha's go.

And I suppose this is an adagio site? I am ordering the utiliTEA kettle soon, looks like one of the better ones-

Anyway that's my story!


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Dec 3rd, '07, 08:50
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by Mary R » Dec 3rd, '07, 08:50

New Haven four years ago? Are you an Eli?

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Dec 3rd, '07, 08:56
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by Chip » Dec 3rd, '07, 08:56

Welcome Joel. Hope you stick around a while!

Ito En is definately a must see TEAspot when visiting NYC, just be careful what you pick up when there. I picked up a 400 dollar kyusu and almost dropped it when I saw the price. :oops: But the whole atmosphere is stellar.

I tried a few sencha when I was there last in March and came away with a few really unique Kagoshima offerings and a single estate Kabusecha from UJI that was out of this world. I had wanted to try the Chiran, but since it was so close to new harvest time, I did not want to over buy. (Kagoshima is possibly my fav prefecture for sencha)

It is also nice that you can buy an ounce of this and an ounce of that...and they are happy to brew a sample for you to try at no charge. [/b]

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Dec 3rd, '07, 10:57
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by fencerdenoctum » Dec 3rd, '07, 10:57


Welcome to the forum!

Here's to many great cups of tea and good cheer!

The Tea Sipping Swordsman,

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Dec 3rd, '07, 14:47
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by Wesli » Dec 3rd, '07, 14:47

Welcome to the forums Joel,

It is very good to have you here.

I look forward to more wisdom.

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Dec 3rd, '07, 16:20
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by hop_goblin » Dec 3rd, '07, 16:20

Welcome aboard Joel!

Tip a cup for my hommie

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Dec 3rd, '07, 17:42
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by skywarrior » Dec 3rd, '07, 17:42

Hi Joel! Welcome! And I have a utilitea and love it.

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Dec 4th, '07, 14:32
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by joelbct » Dec 4th, '07, 14:32

Mary R wrote:New Haven four years ago? Are you an Eli?
Not a yalie if that is what you mean- I am a columbia dropout :) but going back to school this jan

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