New to Teachat, Ex-Jersey Girl

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

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Dec 21st 07 5:23 pm
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by xine » Dec 21st 07 5:23 pm

Welcome Inna! I am xine, current Jersey girl...where were your old stomping grounds?

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Dec 21st 07 5:39 pm
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Hey Girl

by Katmandu » Dec 21st 07 5:39 pm

I just got here a few days ago myself! You'll love it- some really great people on here! So where in Florida are you? I moved out of South Beach a few years back because I was getting into way too much trouble :wink: Beautiful place though! I can relate with those shedders..I wear my St Bernard and chihuahua everywhere I go! I'm serious! I have to change clothes twice a day at least and I have taken stock in those rolling sticky thingies!!
As far as a teaspoon, I am very casual about it and use one but let it heap when it wants to...not real strict on it...especially with the bigger leaves cuz they dont fit anyway...but overall "about" a tsp. But I'm still a novice so I can't really stand behind that except that its workin for me. Its all about taste..if its too strong, put less leaf in next time...too weak, more... :wink:
So whats in your cup? Are you hooked yet?

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Dec 21st 07 5:40 pm
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by Space Samurai » Dec 21st 07 5:40 pm

Welcome to the forum. :D

Teaspoon measurements are always kind of vague, made worse by the fact it varies from tea to tea depending on leaf size; their is no consistancy. It really just depends on your preference, how you like your tea.

I do reccomend getting a measured tea spoon, so you will have a base point of reference and go from there.

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Dec 21st 07 6:45 pm
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by Wesli » Dec 21st 07 6:45 pm


I roughly level my teaspoons, and use an exact measuring spoon. Measuring leaf amount is mostly for experimenting and finding your favorable amount of leaf.

Some things to consider:
  • Rolled teas are packed tight, so one tsp turns out to be more.
    Large-leaf teas don't fit on a teaspoon so well.
    White tea doesn't fit well either.
I've ended up eyeing leaf amount. Some do the same, some use teaspoons, some use scales.

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Dec 21st 07 7:20 pm
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by xine » Dec 21st 07 7:20 pm

I think Michael and Ilya will be happy to see you prowling around the boards here! Glad to hear that you are enjoying the tea you've bought. Earl Grey Bravo is the best EG I've ever had.

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Dec 21st 07 9:21 pm
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by hop_goblin » Dec 21st 07 9:21 pm

Welcome aboard! I am sure you will find all the information you are seeking in here!

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Dec 22nd 07 6:27 am
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by skywarrior » Dec 22nd 07 6:27 am

Welcome Inna! And welcome back to loose teas.

Lots of people around here like to used scales and weigh their teas. I'm not so precise. I use teaspoons and do it strictly by taste and it depends what mood I'm in as to whether I use a level tsp or heaping. Lots of greens and oolongs don't lend themselves well to that, so it's more a judgment call. I'm sure the folks in the green area will guide you well.

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Dec 22nd 07 7:03 am
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by Chip » Dec 22nd 07 7:03 am

Give me my digital electronic scale or give me lipton teabags. (death) :roll:

Welcome to the forum Inna.