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Dec 29th, '07, 23:35
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New to tea

by TheSteamyPot » Dec 29th, '07, 23:35

Hi everyone my name is Derrick. I am new to tea but I have always loved drinking it. I recently gotten into the better qualty teas that I now purchace at my local tea shop.

There website:
There book of teas that they offer (some are not offered online in the previous link): ... KOFTEA.pdf

I love blacks and oolongs but I am starting to get into greens. The tea that I am currently drinking the most of is Earl of Oolong from my local vender (see link above) its really good and I love the hints of the Bergamot oil in it.

Its nice to meet everyone and I hope to learn alot from this forum. :)

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Dec 29th, '07, 23:47
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Contact: Wesli

by Wesli » Dec 29th, '07, 23:47

Mi hua shin qhu zu li khoke.

Welcome aboard, mate!

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Jan 1st, '08, 11:36
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by Trey Winston » Jan 1st, '08, 11:36

Welcome, Derrick :D

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