Greetings from the Tea Wasteland of Nebraska

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Jan 1st 08 2:55 pm
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Greetings from the Tea Wasteland of Nebraska

by Enigma » Jan 1st 08 2:55 pm

Happy New Year, all! I'm new to the chat board, but have been a tea addict since visiting England a few years ago. I look forward to learning more about tea from the connoisseurs here, as well as sharing my own experiences. My favorite tea is black tea, as I enjoy a full-bodied, strong tea, with Earl Grey Bravo being at the top of my list. Also, I recently tried Almond Oolong and was very pleasantly surprised by both the wonderful scent and the delicious flavor. I also just purchased Jasmine #12 and can't wait to try it. I'm adventurous and really look forward to learning about and sampling a host of the other teas available on this great site. I'm also beginning a collection of books about tea, so any recommendations would be much appreciated. And does anyone have a favorite tearoom? I'm an avid traveler and love visiting tearooms around the USA.

On a personal note, I'm female, 55, divorced and a mental health counselor who enjoys taking the road less traveled...preferably to a location that has a tearoom. :wink: As Douzel wrote, "Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage." I am delighted to find so many fellow shipmates. :)


Jan 1st 08 4:09 pm

by Ed » Jan 1st 08 4:09 pm

Welcome, Enigma!

The nice thing about ordering online is that you can enjoy the best tea even in the no man's land that is Nebraska. ;)

I was there during that big ice storm last year... :?

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Jan 1st 08 4:14 pm
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by Auntie Medwyn » Jan 1st 08 4:14 pm

Hi Enigma,

Happy New Year! Are you freezing to death in Nebraska or has global warming kicked in?

What tea books do you already have and which are on the top of your wish list?

Auntie Medwyn
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Jan 1st 08 4:27 pm
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by Sydney » Jan 1st 08 4:27 pm

Welcome and prosperous new year!

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Jan 1st 08 4:41 pm
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by Trey Winston » Jan 1st 08 4:41 pm

Welcome, Enigma :D

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Jan 1st 08 5:43 pm
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by Wesli » Jan 1st 08 5:43 pm

Aaaaaa. I've been blinded by bright red font!

Oh, and welcome to the forums, Enigma! :wink:

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Jan 1st 08 6:24 pm
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by Chip » Jan 1st 08 6:24 pm

Hmmm, former boss called me an enigma once...former being the operative word. Perhaps all tea drinkers are enigmas, following the roads less traveled.

My fav tearoom, that is my where all my fav teas are served up in expert fashion, where I love the tea ceremonies that are tailored to me, where I can be the enigma that I am without being called one. It is my kitchen, of course.
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Jan 1st 08 6:51 pm
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by fightingdestiny » Jan 1st 08 6:51 pm

Hello Enigma!
I know how you feel... being in the middle of a "tea wasteland". The internet is my tea connection...
Have you checked out tea places in NYC? I went to an amazing little tea store there a couple of years back, McNulty's ( and plan on returning again soon.

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Jan 1st 08 6:59 pm
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by Enigma » Jan 1st 08 6:59 pm

Fighting Destiny -- no, I haven't heard of that tearoom, but shall certainly check it out. Thank you so much for sharing!

Chip -- I heartily agree. I have found that tea drinkers tend to be enigmatic souls. Perhaps because tea encapsulates the Ying and Yang...both calming and stimulating...and many of us who enjoy the delights of tea tend to embrace that duality, and that sense of spirituality. Enigmatic, indeed.

LOL, Fuk....the red font was my feeble attempt at New Year's Day frivolity...and it matches the color of my eyes after my New Year's Eve outing last night. :wink:

Auntie -- yes, very cold here today and supposed to be below zero tonight....brrrrr. The tea books I have are: "Having Tea: Recipes and Table Settings" (gorgeous pictures), "The Book of Afternoon Tea," "Tea and Sympathy" (because it reminds me of my visit to England), and I'm currently reading "Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace . . . One School at a Time." My plan is to begin reading books now that actually contain information on tea itself, rather than the delights of serving it. :)

Ed -- Yes, your no man's land description indicates you have, indeed, been to Nebraska, lol.

Have a good New Year's Day, one and all.