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Feb 21st, '08, 19:30
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by Victoria » Feb 21st, '08, 19:30

Very nice article, welcome to the ranks!

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Feb 21st, '08, 19:47
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by GeoffK » Feb 21st, '08, 19:47

Thanks! I've been enjoying all the great info on the forums. :)

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Feb 22nd, '08, 01:07
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by Chip » Feb 22nd, '08, 01:07

A belated welcome, GeoffK.

Good to see you making yourself at home on the forum!!! Thanx for sharing your cup with us on TeaDay!!!

Feb 22nd, '08, 22:50
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by ErikPDX » Feb 22nd, '08, 22:50

Welcome! I am also a tea-lover in portland.

Have you been to Tea Chai Te on NW 23rd Ave? It's my favorite tea place in portland. :)

-- Erik

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Feb 22nd, '08, 22:59
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by GeoffK » Feb 22nd, '08, 22:59

Good to hear from another Portland Tea fan!

Yes I've been to Tea Chai Te several times. I enjoy hanging out there... I wish they'd give you the leaves so you can do the infusions :)

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Feb 26th, '08, 17:08
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by TimeforTea » Feb 26th, '08, 17:08

GeoffK wrote:OK I've just done a total procrastination piece, not working on the project I should be working on.. Instead writing about tea!

here's a piece I just posted to my blog:

I really enjoyed your article on your blog!! Welcome to tea chat!!
(I also recently gave up coffee. :evil: )
See you in tea day!!

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