Please introduce yourself here to our membership

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Feb 26th, '08, 13:44
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Contact: JM


by JM » Feb 26th, '08, 13:44

Thanks for having me.

Feb 26th, '08, 13:45
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Contact: Pentox

by Pentox » Feb 26th, '08, 13:45

Welcome welcome

As chip will most likely point out, join the daily TeaDay

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Feb 26th, '08, 14:03
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Contact: hop_goblin

by hop_goblin » Feb 26th, '08, 14:03

Welcome Aboard!

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Feb 26th, '08, 14:29
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Contact: JM

by JM » Feb 26th, '08, 14:29

Thanks folks, I'd love to take part in the "daily TeaDay" but I don't know if I could add anything of use.

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Feb 26th, '08, 15:32
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by Victoria » Feb 26th, '08, 15:32

Welcome!! Just log in and tell us what's in your cup!

It doesn't have to be profound, we all want to know what you are brewing!

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Feb 26th, '08, 16:05
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by Chip » Feb 26th, '08, 16:05

Yep, no TeaSnobbery here...well, maybe just a little.

Welcome to TC. And yes, join the daily sharing on TeaDay. :D

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Mar 2nd, '08, 01:28
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by skywarrior » Mar 2nd, '08, 01:28


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