Almost a week....

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Nov 3rd, '08, 18:43
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Almost a week....

by sphughes » Nov 3rd, '08, 18:43

Greetings from Central MA. New guy here branching into the new and exciting (for me) world of tea. All I can say is I have much to learn and I am looking forward to this experience. Thanks for having me.....


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Nov 3rd, '08, 18:45
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by Salsero » Nov 3rd, '08, 18:45

It's still exciting for the rest of us too. There is a lifetime of discoveries to be made.

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Nov 3rd, '08, 19:20
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by Victoria » Nov 3rd, '08, 19:20


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Nov 3rd, '08, 19:54
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by Vulture » Nov 3rd, '08, 19:54

Lots o' newcomers last few days. Almost make me think the border to Coffeton broke down. We have to keep those guys separate!

Oh and Welcome! :wink:

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Nov 3rd, '08, 20:37
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by leiche » Nov 3rd, '08, 20:37


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Nov 3rd, '08, 20:48
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by Chip » Nov 3rd, '08, 20:48

Hi Scott, welcome to TeaChat.

Be sure to visit us on TeaDay and share what is in your cup!

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Nov 3rd, '08, 23:34
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by auggy » Nov 3rd, '08, 23:34

Welcome to the boards!

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Nov 4th, '08, 03:02
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by olivierco » Nov 4th, '08, 03:02


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Nov 4th, '08, 04:35
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by Trioxin » Nov 4th, '08, 04:35


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Nov 4th, '08, 04:48
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by hop_goblin » Nov 4th, '08, 04:48


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